Digital Signs

Digital Signs are proven to increase profit margins and grow sales.
Digital Signs are now accepted in the marketplace and have become mainstream for consumer facing organizations. Utilizing  Digitals Signs brings an appealing and dynamic form of communication to your customer. All organizations have a need to share their message with their audience. Primer Digital Media provides you with an easy-to-use solution that gets your message to your customer with a compelling and dynamic content using full motion and high definition video displays.
Custom Digital Signage
Digitals Signs are highly effective at communicating your message:
  •    Increase sales 8% to 35% on products advertised
  •    Are proven to increase in awareness and recall:
    •    Up 14 percent (unprompted)
    •    Up 31 percent (prompted)
  •    Bring Full Motion and Action to Your Advertising and Marketing
  •    Far More Effective than static POP
  •    Tailor Messaging to Specific Locations
  •    Quickly and Easily Change Your Message

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