Social Media Marketing

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“If You are not Controlling Your Online Reputation then Someone Else Is”

Today, commercial websites must have a strong social media presence. The Social Media Optimization service extends and manages your online presence through online social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In today’s world of Internet social networking, taking control of the conversation is imperative to managing your brand and your reputation. We fully manage your company’s social media accounts to call out public achievements, promote your successes and drive sales. We will post frequently and consistently with engaging news and information that is of value to your customers and let them know what you’re doing to earn their business.

SMO services focus on defining and promoting your online social media presence by:

– Creating a large network of followers with word-of-mouth, or viral marketing
– Improving search engine visibility
– Managing your social media reputation
– Mitigating negative feedback

Some of the Social Media venues Arrow Target Marketing SMO services use to define your online reputation include:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn

The best part about the social media revolution is its immediacy. You can get your message out right away—and know, almost as quickly, if and how it has connected with your target audience. The social media analysis team at Arrow Target Marketing will deliver the answers you demand and will reveal whether or not your social media optimization and social media marketing tactics have been successful.

Yelp Marketing

The lifeblood of any growing local business lies in establishing ties with the area community. Yelp marketing can help you do exactly
that. Yelp is the top online local search vehicle on the Internet and drives thousands of people to neighborhood businesses every day. Yelp marketing will increase your visibility as well as enhance your business’ online profile, so that you can build relationships with the people most likely to become your regular clientele!

Yelp Management Services

Yelp management involves listing your business with the search engines and keeping it updated with pertinent information (address and hours, for example) as well as reviews from local shoppers. Our Yelp expert at Arrow Target Marketing will manage these reviews for you and ensure that they generate plenty of return business. Remember: You can’t be world-famous without making an impact locally first. Effective Yelp management is the way to get noticed about town!


Sure, it’s fun to surf YouTube for old videos and clips from favorite television shows. But for business, having a YouTube presence is also an integral part of promoting yourself. Videos posted on YouTube will show up among the top links in search engines and provide you with invaluable publicity for your products, services, and important company events.

Effective YouTube management is an essential skill for professionals seeking to advertise to a worldwide audience. Don’t fret, though, if you don’t feel like a YouTube expert. Our experts at Arrow Target Marketing will guide you through each step of developing your YouTube management strategy and will work with you to produce the video clips that can help introduce you to potential customers and business associates around the globe!


LinkedIn can be used for far more than searching for and filling jobs. For businesses, LinkedIn management is an increasingly essential part of boosting company visibility. Our LinkedIn experts will explain how you can spread your name and brand via your list of “connections.”

“Connections” is the appropriate word here, because there is no better way to connect with your target audience than with LinkedIn. Management executives in your industry are almost certainly on LinkedIn, which gives you a chance to find people of similar interests with a simple keystroke. The LinkedIn experts at Arrow Target Marketing have numerous other tips and strategies we’ll share with you as you make LinkedIn management a core part of your business plan.


Facebook is not just for reconnecting with old high school and college friends anymore! Facebook management is a huge and pivotal part of generating publicity and business for any entrepreneur. Setting up a Facebook business account allows you to tap into a worldwide audience. Our Facebook experts at Arrow Target Marketing will work with you to connect with as many people as possible who are relevant to your industry and target marketing demographic.

Facebook management is a skill that didn’t exist a mere five years ago, but is now an indispensable part of any business. Arrow Target Marketing employs Facebook experts who are well versed in social media and how to subtly draw Facebook users to your page. Don’t worry about taking on Facebook management on your own—we’ll handle everything and implement this vital component while allowing you to focus on the business of running your business!


In a world in which everyone is tethered to a computer and absorbs information around the clock, there is no better way to immediately deliver your message than via Twitter! You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to use Twitter to your advantage—our Twitter management team at Arrow Target Marketing will work with you to come up with just the right “Tweet” to introduce yourself to the world, all in 140 characters or less.

If you don’t Tweet (post on Twitter) that’s understandable; if you feel your time is better spent on your core business, we understand. That’s where Arrow Target Marketing comes in. We’ll assign to you a Twitter expert whose sole job is producing and posting your Tweets. Twitter consulting and daily Twitter management is our business and nothing makes us happier than working with you to increase the visibility of your site and the success of your business.